Inspiration can strike at any moment – especially while kicking back and watching a critically-acclaimed series like Breaking Bad. For Brampton artist EverythingOShauN, the imagery of Walter White against the world with nothing but a motorhome (and the feeling of being alone in the New Mexico desert) was too powerful to not use in a song.

Today at Sidewalk Hustle we are pleased to premiere the  video for EverythingOShauN’s “Winnebago.” The track appeared on OShauN’s Almost Everything EP that dropped summer of last year. Although OShauN considers himself a fairly conceptual when it comes to song creation, he admits this track simply stemmed from how cool it sounded to sing the word “Winnebago.”

The Fatty Soprano and Shutterr-directed visual acts as a sequel to the video for his track “Pylons.” The combination of OShaun’s vibey melodies and Soprano’s bloody concept for the accompanying visual creates a dream-like sequence (reminiscent of the 1976 thriller Carrie) that will keep your eyes glued to the screen.

We caught up with EverythingOShauN to chop it up about music, life and of course, the music video. Watch the video for “Winnebago” above and read our brief interview with OShauN below.


Sidewalk Hustle: How did this record come about? Winnebago is an uncommon word.

EverythingOShauN: We were into that show Breaking Bad – and I loved that whole energy of being stuck in a place and trying to come up, if you will. My brother X (DJXP) made that beat and [Winnebago] was just a word that we repeated while the beat was on. We were freestyling and the way it sounded just rolled off the tongue so we just built it around that word. That record was the most “vibe” record for that project in terms of the creation process.

Is it usually a process based on a concept rather than just a vibe like that?

Yeah, we do a lot of concept records. He makes a beat and I go away for a day or two listen to it over and over. But this one was just a vibe session, it sounded great. Like you said, it’s not a popular term in our genre of music. It’s not popular terminology. It’s probably my favourite record off the project, it really holds a special place.

So you clearly knew you wanted to make a video right away.

Oh yeah. And it wasn’t even going to go this way! We originally had plans to rent a Winnebago and we were looking at a couple of prospects but when I got with my director, Fatty Soprano, he had this plan for a bloody, messy – he really said “just let me do some shit for you, will you let me do some shit for you?”

That must have thrown you off.

It threw me the fuck off. But this is the third video we’ve done together so we’ve started to build a rapport with each other. I don’t want to do the same typical thing or be known as a predictable artist – I would expect a Winnebago for this video but we made a compromise. I said, “if we’re going to do that, I want this visual to connect with another one” and that’s how the previous video, “Pylons,” came about. I think his original reference was the Carrie movie.

Do you often reference older art and material when you’re searching for inspiration? Or was that something that Fatty brought to the table?

I like to dig – probably more on the production side. X likes to go into classic records and old movies to find sounds. Or at least to find the inspiration for creating something else. That’s where we get a lot of inspiration from – it’s not like there are any new ideas out there. It’s just about finding a clever way of doing it.