DijahSB has been on our radar for a minute now –  we first saw her perform with her idol, Jay Electronica, in Toronto after being selected to come on stage and freestyle and we were absolutely floored. The Eglinton West rapper has been pushing and dropping tons of singles over the past year (many of which were included on our recent HOTTEST OUT music features), performed at her first SXSW festival last month and is currently #booked and #busy for a number of festivals across Canada this summer.

Today on Sidewalk Hustle, we are excited and proud to premiere Dijah’s new single (and accompanying video), “Time’s Up!” While the track may be a sonic departure from her last project, Looking at Space From a Submarine, Dijah has been rapping on hard beats her whole life. Produced by DVIOUSMINDZ, “Time’s Up!” is upbeat, catchy and dedicated to all the wastemen out there. Dijah WILL take your girl and she will NOT be apologizing.

Put your seatbelt on, watch the video for “Time’s Up!” and read our interview with DijahSB below.


Sidewalk Hustle: Do you remember how early on music became a part of your life?

DijahSB: My mom always played soca, dancehall. I dove into rap pretty early – lots of West Coast stuff that made me feel gangster. The Game, Eazy E, Dr. Dre. I just vividly remember having Game CD’s really early.

What made you want to make music instead of just listening to it?

I actually don’t remember why. I was writing a lot of poetry and started recording stuff on that free program Audacity. Just posting remixes of my favourite instrumentals on YouTube. That was before they were taking stuff down because of copyrights.

This particular track is a lot more aggressive and upbeat than your recent releases – and it’s definitely a departure from sounds you were using on Looking at Space From a Submarine. What made you want to make this?

I really write music based on the vibe of the beat. It’s always beat first. Sometimes it’s even just based off the name of the beat when it’s sent. The melody for this one came really easily. I don’t know why it’s so angry – maybe it’s just an angry beat.

This one was produced by DVIOUSMINDZ, right?

Yeah, he produced every one of the new singles I’ve put out this month. That’s my boy.


What was it like to make the video? It looked like a really fun shoot.

Honestly, I was not in a good mood that day. I was going into the shoot thinking that it wouldn’t work out well but the guy who shot it made it all really easy. We did it all in under two hours. And then the man got me back the video the same day.


Yeah, I knew I needed him on my team immediately. I’m doing a bunch more with him. The next project we’re doing will be a short film – all shot in one day. One long piece. I was really inspired by that Tierra Whack film.

Tell me about your SXSW experience.

That was something that taught me to manage expectations. I thought it was going to be this huge thing and it was actually something else. But I made the most of it. It was amazing, though.

Photography by Drew Yorke