On the heels of releasing her second full-length Suspicious, last month through Paper Bag Records, Toronto electronic artist Lou Canon is back today with a hauntingly trippy new video for the track “Thrill Me”. Jerky, stop and go imagery perfectly accompanies the track’s eerily distorted vocals.

Director/editor Michele Ayoub offers her own take on the video, “The video is inspired by the aesthetics of silent films from the 50’s and renaissance paintings, with a contemporary twist using low-fi graphics you would get from old webcams or cell-phone recorded videos, digital processing and animation. The imagery for the video mimics the intimate feelings of the song with a slightly voyeuristic approach.”

Lou Canon says, “This song is about finding love within the mess, within the imperfect. It’s about a stagnant heart that’s looking to feel. These are the quiet, lonely thoughts behind closed eyes. The voices in the dark spaces are like the distances between stars.”