Toronto Independent Music Award winner Sarah Cripps first hit the scene with her debut album, titled Change, back in 2012. Since then, this artist herself has also changed in her own way, distilling her sound and artistry, alongside collaborator and producer Dean Drouillard. She’s got an upcoming self-titled sophomore album due out in the new year and recently released the upcoming new record’s first single, “Leave Behind.”

Sidewalk Hustle is stoked to kick-off the countdown to Halloween as it creeps around the corner a week from today with the exclusive premiere of Sarah’s “Leave Behind” music video, inspired by her love of cult cinema & classic film. Directed by Michael Tobin, the video features Cripps in some moodily lit scenes. It’s haunting and there’s a bit of twist at the end.

As Sarah Cripps shared with us…

“Amidst this chaotic time in my life, I felt like I was constantly floating between different versions of myself. All of the characters in this video represent a version of myself that I felt I was at one point or another. Whether I was irrational and broken, cunning and on top of my game, or the monster causing destruction, I was walking around Toronto and through life feeling out of touch with reality. I felt like I was being haunted, but also felt I was the one doing the haunting.”

Director Michael Tobin also told us…

“Sarah’s the real deal. It was a pleasure to work together on the Leave Behind music video and I’m excited to collaborate on future projects!”

Watch the video for “Leave Behind” below.

Stay tuned for the self-titled Sarah Cripps sophomore record, due out 2018.