Heads up Mac DeMarco fans, this one’s for you. Falcon Jane are the oh so chill indie act, lead by a vegan Virgo from rural Ontario known as Sara May. Two year’s ago we dropped their vibey vid for The Bad One,” off their sophomore album Alive n Well. Cut to 2018 and we’re stoked to be sharing their new video for “Ginger Ale,” a new track off their upcoming full-length, titled Feelin’ Freaky.

Video director Justin Mowat took the new album title to heart as the clip features the band have a fun freaky time soaking up the sun. “It’s a portrait of Falcon Jane in their natural rural habitat,” Mowat says. “Just like the drink – hopefully after watching, you feel refreshed.”

As Sara May explained to us…

“This song was written in the bedroom of my non-air-conditioned Kensington Market apartment during a heat wave. I was sweaty, unemployed, broke, and in love.

At the time, I was escaping the city whenever I got the chance, meeting my partner every weekend at this magical spot on the Nottawasaga River (down the road from where I now live). I started resenting living in the city; the noise, the traffic, the people, the prices, the heat!

On the day I wrote ‘Ginger Ale’, I had just gotten home from a job interview with two incredibly inspiring people (who I still work for today) and had decided to treat myself to an ice cream cone. I remember feeling so good walking up Augusta Ave, and seeing a bright orange Mustang cruise by me on the street. The lyrics in ‘Ginger Ale’ are very literal, which isn’t usually my style, but the song represents more than a retelling of ordinary events – writing this song was the embodiment of deciding to change my attitude about my situation. Starting to see the positive instead of the negative. There’s still some bitterness in there, but getting it all out helped me decide where I really wanted to be.

‘Ginger Ale’ is about enjoying the moment, whatever moment you might be in, and allowing yourself to have fun, relax, and take a friggin nap!”

Watch the video below…

Feelin’ Freaky comes out August 3rd, 2018 on Darling Recordings. Pre-order it here + Catch Falcon Jane live at the dates below…

Tour Dates:
August 18 – Rainbow Trout Music Festival, St. Malo, Manitoba
August 23 – Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
August 24 & 25 – Brothers Brewing Co, Guelph
September 22 – Live & Original Music Crawl, Collingwood

* Photo By Justin Mowat