Have you ever met someone and you instantaneously click with them? Conversations seem right, chemistry is amazing and sometimes it may seem that it’s too good to be true. Then the universe decides to intervene and the person you’re swooning over has a significant other.

Sidewalk Hustle is proud to share “She’ll Know,” by Made in Sauga artist, Emma Lokai. Her new single takes us through the anguish of finding a new love then realizing sometimes you have to walk away.

Throughout the song, you can hear Emma’s airy, cutting vocals which highlights her emotional hardship within the song. The Mississauga native is known for her poetic lyricism and edgy personality, which enables her to connect with her audience.

Director Customatic takes us through a visual, rollercoaster ride showcasing the ups and downs Emma encounters.

“I wanted to tell the story all within that one ride, although it plays out in the record as the full week. It was Monday when I met you, Tuesday when you called etc; I wanted to show the polar opposites from the night scene, to creating a minimalist and bright contrast which was able to showcase Emma’s vulnerability.”

Watch the video “She’ll Know” below.


Written by Sydney Rey