Video: MySpace Presents an Exclusive Interview with Lana Del Rey

Back in December Lana Del Rey performed at a Mulberry private party at LA’s Chateau Marmont, and while she was there, MySpace caught up with her to talk about her music, her video work, and of course the haters.

Though the below video was shot before her performance on Saturday Night Live, the description below the video still referenced it:

Haters are gonna hate. The re­al­i­ty for an artist is that not ev­ery­one is go­ing to love what you make. Not ev­ery­body is go­ing to un­der­stand where you are com­ing from. Not ev­ery­one will give you the ben­e­fit of the doubt when doubt is ram­pant. In our pre-pack­aged world we haven’t been ex­posed to the growth of an artist. We can’t let some­one grow, can we? It’s not good enough that the artist is smart, in­sight­ful and mes­mer­iz­ing. That artist should not miss the mark AT ALL. The artist should not have anx­i­ety or be ner­vous about the mas­sive steps that con­front and car­ry her for­ward in­to an un­known world of fast-paced scruti­ny and lim­it­less judge­ment. Lana Del Rey is a beau­ti­ful, shy and in­tri­cate hu­man be­ing with a mean­ing­ful and sul­try voice that con­nects both emo­tion­al­ly and vis­cer­al­ly. Her style is im­pec­ca­ble and her pres­ence res­onates with both cu­rios­i­ty and con­fi­dence. The “Video Games” sin­gle that met with so much love pushed her in­to the world. She has on­ly had a few shows to cap­ture her per­son­al melodies in a pub­lic pre­sen­ta­tion that match­es who she is. This is about sup­port­ing artists in their fu­ture. We should be there for their best and most chal­leng­ing mo­ments as they grow in­to their full po­ten­tial. If you have be­lief in the artists you love, then be­lieve that it’s about the jour­ney, and not just the des­ti­na­tions. (ie. SNL) Lana Del Rey is a true artist on her way to great­ness and, the truth is, you have to love her a lit­tle to hate her at all.