Video: Lana Del Rey “Born To Die” Mulberry Session

Anyone who went to Coachella last year knows Mulberry knows how to throw one hell of a party and for their recent music series entitled the Mulberry Mixtape they threw a pool party at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont last weekend with special guest Lana Del Rey. 

She performed “Born To Die” poolside with an acoustic backing at the Chateau for an intimate crowd of celebrities, fashion-types, and many fabulous balloon animals while they dined. She wore a stunning floor length nude Mulberry dress seen below in the video and photos alongside the labels creative director Emma Hill. As if it couldn’t get any cooler, Twin Shadow looks to have DJ’d the party as well.

To see more amazing live sessions from the Mulberry Mixtape, including one with Lana talking about the making of her video for “Video Games” casually poolside at the Chateau Marmont, click here.