Video: JewelMint: Kate Bosworth’s “Mistaken For Strangers”

Kate Bosworth rocks her latest JewelMint collection in this video called Mistaken For Strangers set to music by beloved Brooklyn band The National. 

She looks pretty bad ass getting ready to jump on a motorcycle wearing key pieces like the All Wrapped Up Bracelet, Atlantis Pendant, and the Honey Bee Ring. If you don’t already know, JewelMint is an exclusive monthly jewelry collection Bosworth and her stylist Cher Coulter, in partnership with BeachMint, which gets matched up to the style settings in your profile. Every month, a member will get style tips, videos, and trend reports educating them on how to perfectly execute the particular piece in an outfit. 

Watch below and get going on signing up for your JewelMint account today. It’s pretty darn fun!