Video: How To Tie A Tie by Alexander Olch

Fashion designer Alexander Olch recently made a short video to artistically educate everyone on how to tie a tie. Featuring stunning french models Aurelie Claudel and Julia Frauche as his helpers, the video was produced in part by Francesco Carrozzini. There is something so hot about a woman in a crisp white shirt, put her in a tie and make her French, and you have a dream come true. As I watched the video I realized and remembered just how hard it was to tie a tie when I first tied my very own tie.  For a moment you can see the frustration and friction, it’s rather refreshing.  However, despite all of this, at the end when Aurelie Claudel ties Julia Frauche’s tie, I just about died. It also reminded me just how beautiful and dignified the wearing of a tie can and should be. Enjoy.