Video: DVBBS Summer 2012 Tour Recap

You have got to give it up to them Toronto boys, when they do something they go hard! Yeah, I may be biased, but I have yet to see any evidence that this is incorrect. Take for example this freshly pressed recap video from the Toronto duo capturing the exploits and bass-pounding hijinks of Chris and Alex Andre. The video is a two and a half-minute chronicle of show after show, and screaming crowd after screaming crowd set to the music of their own “We Know” and Wax Motif/Neoteric’s “Go Deep” remixed by other Toronto (based) duo Torro Torro remix. The one thing this video make perfectly clear is that DVBBS aren’t just another EDM DJ duo, popping a flash drive into a CDJ and faking the funk. Instead they are working it on drums, on the mic, on a raft, and more. Watch the DVBBS Summer Tour recap below, and stay up to date on their movements via their Facebook page. Enjoy.