Video: Dr. Martens Spring/Summer 2012 “#Firstandforever”

I love my Docs! I love the way they age, looking better the more I wear them, with the proper care of course. Since this is how I feel about my Docs, it is only natural to assume that others feel the same way I do. With something similar in mind, starting this past fall Dr. Martens began a retrospective campaign in which the British shoemaker asked their longtime supporters (customers) to share their first experiences with the footwear. There have already been thousands of submissions via Twitter utilizing the trending topic #FirstandForever, the iconic shoemaker continues their promotion into the Spring/Summer season.  To help continue promoting the campaign, Dr. Martens have released a short video featuring model couple Agyness Deyn and Ash Symest happily frolicking around in Docs.

Watch the video below then head over to Dr. Martens to enter your submissions in the #FirstandForever campaign. We are certain your story is worth knowing!