Video: Bravestation ‘Beyond the Scenes’ (Mini-Documentary)

About a year ago a little band from Toronto, our hometown, emailed us a little note saying we should check out their EP. Naturally we did, and we fell in love. The five track self-titled EP from Toronto’s Bravestation impressed us so much that it became a regular in the music rotation, and has left us eagerly waiting for more. Thankfully the boys have been busy, shooting music videos, touring around the UK, and writing new material. How do I know all this? Well I just watched the self-made mini-documentary ‘Beyond the Scenes’ below. It is a 12 minute video that features behind the scenes footage from the 2010 EP studio recording sessions, “White Wolves” video shoot & UK tour.

Watch the “Beyond the Scenes” mini-documentary below, fall in love with their music and download a copy here for free, or be a sport and help the band out buy purchasing the album on iTunes. Enjoy!