Video: Andre Saraiva’s ‘The Shoe’

Legendary artist Andre Saraiva has a short film in the works to add to his amazing roster of collaborations, apparel, graffiti, hip hotels and bars, and musical curation, and it all centres on his super rad collaborative shoe line with J.M. Weston and the repercussions of the main character who is a thief played by actor Leo Fitzpatrick.

Saraiva explains, the shoe thing was a reference to when I was a kid in the 80s; people used to steal expensive cool loafers, and goes on to mention that, in America they used to steal your Air Jordans; in France they would steal J.M. Westons. He worked with Purple Magazine publisher Olivier Zahm on the script and brought Kitsune’s Gildas Loa on board for the soundtrack. Watch the preview below of his directorial debut, The Shoe, which is influenced by Nouvelle Vague films.

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