Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, famous for her pervasive use of polka dots and infinity installations, has partnered up with Veuve Clicquot, one of the most renowned Champagne houses globally, to celebrate Veuve’s new vintage, La Grande Dame 2012. The limited 100-bottle run contains Veuve Clicquot’s signature Pinot Noir grape-based Champagne, and each bottle is uniquely numbered.

Both the case and bottle are designed by Kusama, and use her iconic flowers and polka dots to bring a burst of colour and energy to the classic golden-hued branding. A brightly coloured flower wrapping around the polka dots on the box symbolizes energy—a tribute to both Kusama and Madame Clicquot herself, known as “la grande dame.”

Kusama’s inspiration for the optimistic creation is not accidental. With the current abysmal state of the world, her art, My Heart That Blooms in The Darkness of The Night, aims to bring hope. Alongside the design is an original poem by Kusama, which offers a sincere message of optimism to the world.

Behind the creative for the new bottle lies a rich history of the two women’s lives, who have taken similar paths, despite the 150 years that separate them. Both Madame Clicquot and Yayoi Kusama faced strict childhoods, a theme that continued on throughout their lives, leading to personal goals to attain independence and conquer the world. For Clicquot, this came in the form of taking control of the Champagne house as a 27-year-old widow. For Kusama, it meant leaving her native country of Japan at age 28. Both went on to achieve phenomenal professional fame and success in innovative and groundbreaking ways. And of course, both had an incredible eye for beauty and excellence.

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