Last year, Vans celebrated its milestone 50th anniversary by highlighting pivotal moments in the brand’s history through its “The Story of Vans” project.

To keep the momentum going, Vans is launching a global campaign that explores the evolution of the brand’s “Off the Wall” tagline, and repositions the company as a broader lifestyle brand.

Previously, Vans’ signature tagline “Off the Wall” referred to the brand’s roots in skateboarding, but the new campaign showcases their embrace and support of creatives in sport, art, music and street culture.

Through a series of 12 short films, Vans shares how different creative endeavors contribute to the company’s culture. Vans tapped a set of diverse brand ambassadors who have histories with the company to star in the digital video series, including fashion and lifestyle blog founder Jayne Min, skateboarder Tony Alva, Bloc Party drummer Louise Bartle, and French artists Mrzyk & Moriceau.

Speaking about the campaign, Fara Howard, Vans’ VP of Global Marketing, said,

“It’s hard to assign one definition to ‘Off The Wall’, so we wanted to deliver a campaign that truly shows how our mantra takes shape through various forms of creativity. Whether that’s through music, surfing, skateboarding or customizing a pair of shoes, all the stories told will communicate the distinct way in which Vans looks at the world.”

Check out some photos of Vans’ new ambassadors below, and watch the full video series on Vans’ YouTube channel here.

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