Whether you’re counting down the days, resos made, bouquet on order and candy hearts at hand – or just waiting for the Hershey’s kisses to go half price on the 15th… Valentine’s is around the corner.

We’ve rounded up the perfect fragrance for every occasion, for the love of love and scent, all the v-day faves, we know you’ll love.

THE LOVE LETTER:  Squid – Zoologist, $165 USD

To some, it’s not the treats: no fancy dinner or heart-shaped sweets – it’s what’s in ink that’s most meaningful. Say something unique, a little punchy but beautiful. Zoologist’s Squid is full of all of the intelligence, allure, and very specifically inkiness – we aren’t saying you don’t need to write the letter too, but in Squid, you’re saying it all in scent.

THE MIXTAPE:   Jazmin Sarai – The Mixed Tape, $56 CAD

Here’s to the burned cassettes with their decorated cases we once lovingly poured over and passed on and poured over, again. The 7 songs that inspired the harmoniously created and curated fragrances in Jazmin Sarai’s discovery Mixed Tape. “How you Love” – the Citrus honey floral musk is my personal fave and this time of year – how could it not be.

THE PERFECT POUT:   Kenzo – Flower, $119 CAD

Worn to the bottom of the tube and the bottle. Nostalgic in name and look or scent – the rouge (the Ruby Woo to a lipstick lover) is the Kenzo Flower of scent. In a stack of others, it’s widely worn and well-loved, but it’s still so you.

THE MAKEOUT:   Dior Homme Intense

Firstly, not just “Pour Homme”, but for anyone who loves a sweet (or sultry) neck kiss. Call it pheromones or where the kiss meets the lingering evening fragrance. Soft, smooth, not-so-subtly intimate.

DARK CHOCOLATE:  Akro – Dark $160 USD 

Left on your tongue for a moment, the sharp start we want at first bite melts to complex and satisfying sweetness. AKRO’s Dark starts in the early eve, with an opening of energy and confidence, space-filling and strong, but by last call, it’s the subtle allure – only for you, and those close.

CONVERSATION HEARTS:   Marissa Zappas – Annabel’s Birthday Cake $150 USD

Anabel’s Birthday Cake is the whole handful of hearts in one. Whether you eat them one by one to try and decipher whether the pink heart was more berry than the lemony yellow one, or enjoy them in their powdery sweetness at once – it’s all in this heart-fronted bottle. CALL ME, FAX ME, TEXT ME – in every way I can say how much I love Marissa Zappas scents.

HOT LIPS CANDY:   Estee Lauder – Youth Dew $56 CAD

Hot lips candies are the grown-ups of gummies and Youth Dew is the forever young of vintage scents. Both share a first sniff / bite of real cinnamon spice, underlined by sweet waxiness. The candies bright juicy red lip is matched to the bottles shining amber “body”. The gummy candy that is as mature as the sophisticated scent is youthful. Both a little risky – but mostly undeniably yummy and timeless.

ROSE:   Jo Malone – Red Roses Cologne

To those who say, we should celebrate Valentine’s every day – I cannot disagree. For some this is always fresh blooms in the vase. We say – be the roses. Red Roses is a spray of new dew. (And especially their bow-tied limited v-day edition) starts in its very own vase.

ROMANCE:  Meleg Perfumes – Very Cherry Rose Chocolate Patchouli, $230CAD

This is a Valentine’s list, we can’t not include. Romance.
Notes of dark cherry, may rose, patchouli & dark cocoa. Wrapped in leather. Sealed with a wax monogrammed stamp – and the juice is red. Speaks for itself.