From the brand that became an instant sensation for its leisure-enhancing sunscreen line comes Vacation Home Resort — a trio of luxury scented candles straight out of a 1980s paradisiacal daydream.

Created in collaboration with Carlos Huber from Arquiste Parfumeur, Vacation Home Resort comes in three transformative fragrances: LOBBY, featuring the welcoming notes of fresh cut flowers, high gloss magazines, and air conditioned ocean breeze, POOL BOY, a “strictly platonic” olfactory affair of coconut sunscreen, resort towels, and desire, and SUITE, an ode to fresh linen, recently cleaned surfaces and partially obstructed ocean air.

Through their design, scent, and stories, each candle offers the chance to instantly escape your everyday.

Vacation Home Resort is available now at Each candle is available for purchase individually for $34 or as a three-piece set with a custom gift box for $96.