Us Versus Them x Coachella 2012 Limited Edition T-Shirt

It’s all about Coachella right now, so obviously it’s time to talk about one of my personal favourite items found at the festival, merch. Last year California brand Us Versus Them presented a limited edition, custom-made Coachella Music Festival t-shirt. The result was a design that ended up selling out faster than any of the other shirts at the Coachella Boutique which sells all the product on site at the show.

This year the brand decided to do it again and hooked up with Menso One from Heritage Tattoo. Watch the video below to see the design which is available in men’s and women’s tees, and as a poster print, which is limited to 100 pieces. The only place you’ll be able to get either one is at the Coachella Boutique, and will be available both weekends of the show.  Check it out.