Urbanears Re:Plattan Headphones

Urbanears Re-Platten Headphones

Leave it to the Swedish to create a pair of headphones that are both functional and intoxicatingly colourful! Introducing the Urbanears Re-Plattan, the forth set of phones to launch with the brand which are made using parts from previous collections creating a patchwork of colours that match pretty much any outfit this fall! And as if the recycling didn’t quite sell you on these sweet phones, each pair comes with a personal ID that contains the GPS coordinates of the five square meters of the Costa Rican rainforest it’s protecting. 

It’s kind of awesome to think that in buying a pair of headphones, which we mostly think of in respects to utility and fashion these days, that you’re saving 500 kilograms of CO2 that the vegetation in the rainforest produces and thus contributing to a more stable climate, not to mention saving “500 ants, 10 flowers, 5 spiders, 2 butterflies, 5 shrubs, trees, monkeys, birds, frogs and maybe even a jaguar – if you’re lucky,” according to the press release. CRAZY right?

Just like the rainforest the Re:Plattan’s also provide a rich secluded sound quality that is in line with todays performance and technological functions of headphones.

Take a look through some of the images of the Re:Plattan’s below and go ahead and add this one to your shopping list for anyone on your list this season!

Urbanears Re-Platten Headphones Close