Some things just go really well together. Such is the case with Tyler, The Creator’s “Perfect” featuring our On The Rise favourite Kali Uchis & guitarist Austin Feinstein. The other side of last year’s Cherry Bomb single “Fucking Young“, “Perfect” is as the title suggests quite flawless. “I know that we could be more than friends, but you’re scared” sings Uchis as butterflies cover both her and Tyler. The clip is directed by Wolf Haley (Tyler’s director alter ego, who always slaaaaaays) and has us wishing this dope trio would make an entire mixtape together. Can they start a band? They should start a new band. Would be hype. Watch “Perfect” above, it’s pretty.

Oh and in case you were wondering…

Cherry Bomb is out now on Odd Future. Grab it via iTunes.  It’s also worth mentioning that the Golf Wang shop is always stock full of fresh gear.