Ultra weird, slightly brilliant and disturbingly creative rap artist and fashion influencer/designer Tyler, the Creator is finally getting his own TV show. Not many details are being shared at the moment, but we can tell you that Whalerock Media is producing it (these people helped launch the myriad of Kardashian Apps) and the show will be on Viceland, how fitting.

Tyler has even gone as far as to change his Twitter username to @TylerTheCreator, pacifying it from his original NSWF tag, @fucktyler, in an attempt at appearing more “business-like” as his empire expands. If you’ve ever seen any of Tyler’s YouTube videos or have had the pleasure of viewing his fashion show televised earlier this year, you know you’re in for a treat. We can expect some song and dance, brightly coloured costumes and a lot of profanity. We can’t wait to tune in.