September 13th marks the 20th (yes, 20th) death anniversary of the beloved rap talent that was Tupac Shakur. An ex-employee of a music studio that Tupac frequented is now offering handwritten lyrics to the track “Catchin Feelings”, for a cool $38,500 USD; he’s kept this handwritten note since finding it in his studio in 1996. The note will be auctioned by memorabilia company Moments in Time, and apparently this note isn’t the only item of Tupac’s that will be sold. Also for sale is a handwritten love note that Tupac scrawled to a teenage crush in high school for $35,000 USD, as well as a letter Tupac wrote to a Death Row Uncut news editor while he served time in prison; the latter is selling for a whopping $225,000 USD. Check out Moment in Time’s website for details on Tupac’s notes for an interesting look into Tupac’s history.