Trind Nail Revive

Trind Nail

The cold is here people. It’s time to get serious with the beauty prep and routine. One area that is severely effected by the cold is our hands and more specifically our nails. Some might not notice the softness, change in texture or the little cracks that tend to attack our nails in the winter! It’s a travesty, really. But, before you start freaking out and going crazy with your moisturizer, take a breath and discover TRIND Nail Revive.

TRIND Hand and Nail Care (Europe’s most trusted nail care brand) is launching a fantastic addition to their repertoire of products, called TRIND Nail Revive. Nail Revive is a nail strengthener unlike any other, because it’s 100% formaldehyde free. The product works by creating a layer of keratin on the nail, which allows your nail to retain natural nail moisture.

TRIND Nail Revive will officially launch in Canada at the end of October! Be on the lookout.

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