A short while ago, you may have heard that Travis Scott announced during his performance at Jay Z’s Made in America Tour that anyone who purchased a copy of his new album, Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight (BITTSM), would get to pick one free item from his new line of merchandise. Today Travis Scott released the full line, consisting of a massive 60 pieces. As per usual tour merch, tees and hoodies are in the line up, but so are a few surprisingly weird choices. Branded duffel bags, fluffy robes, flashlights and stuffed eagles are also included in this collection.

The product choices look like they were purchased from a local dollar store, and slapped with the BITTSM eagle-flying-over-lightning emblem; we realize this artistic detail was done on purpose, but it’s still confusing AF. Everything about this collection looks very cut and paste, right down to the poor photoshopping of each piece on the tour merch website. Definitely different and a far cry from the ultra photoshopped Instagram posts we’re so used to viewing daily, browsing the tour merch website is an experience in itself. View a preview of the collection below, and shop Scott’s online store to view the entire line.

Travis Scott BITTSM Tour Merch 4 Travis Scott BITTSM Tour Merch 3 Travis Scott BITTSM Tour Merch 2 Travis Scott BITTSM Tour Merch 5 Travis Scott BITTSM Tour Merch 6