Travelling the World? Here are Some of the Most Popular Sports Out There

A shared love for football is common amongst over 50% of the population in the world. The sport of tennis and even cricket all originated in England but they have strong roots in history too. If you want to find out more about the sports you’ll see when traveling, then simply take a look below.


Football is better known as soccer when you visit Canada or even the US. There are around 4 billion fans in the world who love the sport. Football originated in England in the 19th century and throughout history it has really stood out as being a fantastic sport that so many people enjoy.  People also started playing very similar games to football in China, around 2,000 years ago. It was in England when it really took off. The great thing about football is that you do not need any expensive equipment and it is very popular over Europe too. Now it’s even possible to look up odds on different sports in the same place, which shows how far the industry has come.


Cricket has a fan base of over 2.5 billion people. The game is very popular in the UK and even in some other countries, including Australia, Pakistan and India. When you look at the game of cricket, you will see that there are two teams, a large field, a bat and some scoring runs. There are some key differences between cricket and baseball. Cricket has a long rectangular pitch and, in the middle, the ball is bowled. With baseball however, you have a batsman who stands at the centre of the diamond, with the ball going to the batter at the base.


Hockey, on ice and on a field has around two billion fans. Field hockey tends to be played more in Australia, Asia, Africa and even Europe. Ice hockey tends to be very popular in Canada and the US. Unlike ice hockey, when you play field hockey, you won’t have any body contact and there is no checking either. If you did have body contact, then this may end up resulting in a foul.


The game of tennis has around one billion fans across the world. They all tune in to watch it when it comes on the television. Players on both sides of the net try and hit the ball with a racket so that it goes past the opponents or so that it bounces on the side twice so that points can be scored.  Pro tennis players include Serena Williams and Roger Federer. They are household names.


When you play volleyball, you have two teams. You have one at each side of a raised net. The idea is to try and volley the ball onto the ground of the opposing team. The game has a total of 900 million followers and most of them are in Western Europe and North America. One very popular variant of the game is beach volleyball. This is usually played on the sand with two people on each team. This is opposed to standard volleyball, where there are usually a total of 6 players on each team.

Table Tennis

When you think of table tennis, it’s helpful to think of normal tennis, but with a net on the table instead of outside. The idea is that both players are trying to get their ball past the opponent. This is sometimes called ping pong too. This game originated in England and it has been played since the start of the 20th century. People across the world now play the game and it’s safe to say that it has achieved worldwide fame. If you have never played table tennis, it’s a fun game that anyone can play.