Transat Holidays – Cuban Taxi Surprise

Transat Holidays – Cuban Taxi Surprise

Wouldn’t it be nice if all taxi’s in Toronto were fun coloured vintage cars from the 40s and 50s, just like they are in Cuba?! I mean, who doesn’t love a little colour, especially on a grey winters day like today! Well the good folks over at Air Transat holidays made this dream a reality a few days ago in Toronto, organizing one heck of a fun stunt rooted in the warm Cuban culture we all crave this time of year. A few brave and lucky passengers had the chance to take a unique and hilarious ride inside a super personable Cuban taxi driver’s gorgeous vintage turquoise MCC Checker cab.

You’ve seen cash cab, but you’ve never passengers roll with the punches like they do inside Antonio Banderas’ extraordinary cab!

Banderas took to the streets of Toronto picking up random unsuspecting passengers, treating them not only to a fun Cuban style ride peppered with Cuban flare including cigars, cha chas, Cuban music, and of course dancing! The driver also picks up a few of his Cuban friends, making a stop in Kensington Market encouraging passengers to jump out and join the conga line, making the already hilarious ride a little more cozy and a lot more fun. Some lucky passengers even got a ride to the airport and a week vacation to beautiful Cuba instead of their original destination. Talk about #winning, amiright?

Watch below to see what happened when these Torontoninan’s hailed this gorgeous Cuban taxi cab! Don’t know about you, but we kind of wish all taxi’s in Toronto did this in the winter months!

Transat Holidays Cuban Taxi Surprise

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