Pop music’s outlier Tove Lo has shared her new music video for “Cool Girl.” The Swedish singer noted the track was inspired by the 2014 film Gone Girl, and while the music video is far less bloody, it’s nevertheless thrilling to watch. The narrative is a bit difficult to follow the first time watching “Cool Girl,” but there’s only so much you can pack into four minutes and the visuals are still intriguing. There’s a lot of unusual choreography we can total get behind, including Tove Lo grinding on the roof of a car in a fleabag motel parking lot. Tove Lo turns up full-on Furiousa with a buzz cut at various points in the video, straddling a plexiglas coffin in the middle of the desert. It’s never clear as to who is inside the coffin that’s got her looking so torn up. The final segments of the video are a rushed action sequence packed with lust, fire, car crashes, tears, and a cliff hanger that’s got us on the edge of our seat.

Watch “Cool Girl” above.