Fashion Week Survival Kit

Fashion Week Survival Kit

Toronto Fashion Week starts Monday! Are you ready? Have you stored up many hours of sleep and finished your juice cleanse yet? No? Don’t worry we haven’t either, but we did put together a handy dandy little kit of items that will make your week a little easier and keep you feeling fabulous.

Mophie and FRENDS Headphones

First off, a portable battery is an absolute must to keep your phone juiced up, so you won’t miss a minute of the runway action and still be able to take a selfie at later on at the after party. We love our Mophie power station, because it can charge pretty much anything with a USB cable (multiple times), and it come in some pretty colours too!

Secondly, a great pair of noise cancelling headphones can be a total blessing to help tune out that white noise if you just need to focus for a bit. But there’s no reason you shouldn’t look fab while doing it, and you can snag these gold Frends with Benefits taylor headphones and do just that.

Smythson & Good Press Juice

Another essential to carry with you is a notebook, so you can jot down collection features during the shows while snapping photos on your phone, (or make a quick doodle when you get bored). Smythson makes some incredible leather goods but their notebooks are what they’re known for, adorned with cute phrases, and customizable too.

It’s also important to stay hydrated and nourished during the week, so you don’t get sick and run down. We stock up on cold pressed juices from The Good Press in Yorkville a couple times through the week so we’ll always have that healthy fix ready whenever we need a pick me up, or wake up hung over.

Aesop, NARS, J.Crew Arquiste, Cake Beauty

Now that we covered the essential parts of this kit, it’s time to move onto the grooming part, because you can’t be fabulous unless you truly feel it. Back to back events can leave you looking less than fresh but if you’ve got these four things with you at all times, you be able to refresh quickly and easily.

First off, deodorant, because there’s nothing worse than realizing that polyester dress you thought was amazing is actually super stinky. I’m a huge fan of Aesop’s natural one because it doesn’t stick on your clothes like those toxic stick antiperspirants, and it smells like delicious essential oils and botanicals. Also dry shampoo is a big one too, because when you sweat, your hair can too. We’re really digging Cake Beauty’s portable rush brush at the moment, because it’s not an aerosol and it’s small enough to fit into your bag.

Also, you’ll notice everyone rocking their red lipstick heading into the tents, and to be honest we love a good crimson pout once and a while, but you know what’s cooler? Deep aubergine. We’re obsessed with NARS Audacious Lipsticks at the moment and Liv is one of our favourite shades. Layer on another coat of lipstick and head out to the after party, but not before you roll on some dark sensual No. 57 perfume goodness from J.Crew x Arquiste.

Alexander Wang Backpack, Mykita + MMM Sunglasses

Finally, you’ll need a bag to house everything, larger than a tiny statement clutch, and why not this ultra luxe Alexander Wang Dumbo Pebble Backpack? It’s large enough to fit everything you’ll need without weighing you down and neutral enough that you can carry it around most days. Also, you can either one strap it, or hold it by the top strap when you’re getting your photo taken 😉

To top off your survival wear, you’ll need an excellent pair of sunglasses. Excellent because you might never take them off, even when you’re watching the shows, so you’d best make sure they’re rad ones like these MYKITA + Maison Martin Margiela collaborative shades in nude trimmed with black.

Happy Fashion Week all!

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