Triarchy launched our fourth day of Toronto Fashion Week, introducing their Triarchy Atelier Denim collection. The line marries handcrafted textiles with reworked vintage denim from around the world, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces for him and her, ranging from sexy skirts to everyday denim jackets. Eyewear brand founders Coco & Breezy lended swagger to the runway as guest models.

Next, Farley Chatto took us to another place and time with his FW2016 collection. Rich jewel tones and tartans mixed with luxurious furs and ball gowns to create a beautiful fantasy land, complete with a ballerina on pointe.

Hayley Elsaesser has built an empire in a few short years, and since joining Toronto Fashion Week her shows are highly-anticipated for the shock of colour and pattern, not to mention the infectious energy. Her FW2016 “Gutter Ball” collection followed trend, with a Big Lebowski-inspired bowling theme with kitsche and quirky prints (milk cartons, scissors, bowling balls). Elsaesser traditionally uses a mix of models and non-models in her runway show, and this season she took a stand against the often unattainable standards set for models by staging an open casting call for “real people” to model her FW2016 collection. Kudos.

Wrapping up day four was leather specialist Rudsak. Founder and creative leader Evik Asatoorian sent models down the runway in Nordic-inspired looks with the spirit of savage Viking conquerors – very stylish Vikings, that is. The show was intense from start to finish, with a grand finale with a troupe of drummers lining the runway.

Watch the runway recaps below now.


Hayley Elsaesser

Farley Chatto