Toronto Comicon 2014

Toronto Comicon 2014 - 5

Cosplay, art, toys and your favourite sci-fi and fantasy celebs, what more could you really ask for!? All this and much more was the focus of the 2014 Toronto Comicon that took place at the Metro Convention Center this past weekend.

Whether you’re looking for some new art to line your walls, or an autograph from one of your favourite sci-fi/fantasy stars, or maybe snag a photo with a Stormtrooper, Comicon is the place for you. Whether you’re an anime addict, a sci-fi geek, a comic book aficionado, a video game enthusiast or a fantasy fan, you will definitely find something that you’ll enjoy.

If you’re a fan of art, you’ll probably spend most of your time in Artists Alley ogling all the beautiful art and having a difficult time choosing just which pieces you want to buy. Or maybe you prefer action figures and collectibles, in which case you’ll spend most of your time walking from booth to booth comparing figurine prices and trying to decide just which version of Catwoman you like more. If you’re a comic book collector you’ll probably spend your time sifting through the masses of comics and graphic novels throughout the hall, hoping to find that hidden gem or much needed issue for your collection. Perhaps you want to snag a photo with your favourite character, whether it be a TV/movie personality or a cosplayer, you’ll find yourself wandering the hall and conference rooms in awe.

Of course, one of the greatest things about going to any convention is the cosplaying that goes on. Through cosplay, people are able to connect with one another over their general love and passion of some of their favourite characters and personalities. Whether it’s an anime or comic book or even video game character, cosplayers show their pride through their costumes and fans get the chance to interact with some of their favourite personalities. It’s just another one of the ways that cons bring everyone together, as fans can take photos with their favourite characters and cosplayers can pay tribute to theirs. Adding another layer to the already great sense of community that can be felt at Comicon.

If you missed Toronto Comicon this year, you can always live vicariously through us and check out the photos below!

Toronto Comicon 2014 - 18

Toronto Comicon 2014 - 15

Toronto Comicon 2014 - 2

Toronto Comicon 2014 - 8

Toronto Comicon 2014 -1

Toronto Comicon 2014 - 7

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