Topshop Autumn Winter 10-11

via Style Bubble

We’ve tended to shy away from Topshop in the past despite popular demand and hype (gasp.), not because the style isn’t fantastic, but mostly because there is such a plethora of selection, it’s hard for any particular item to seem significant and stand out within a collection.

This is not the case in this updated lookbook which is a huge step up from the earlier images circulating a few weeks back that were less than dazzling.

Shot by genius Brit Josh Olins, this lookbook transforms each previously lifeless piece, breathing a cool breath of air though a setting that truly evokes the Fall season.

Styled by Kate Phelan of British Vogue the lookbook is modelled by a trio of beauties, one who bears a striking resemblance to Claire Danes in certain photos.

To watch the making of video, click here, and take a speak at the rest of the photos below.