Tommy Ton For Holt Renfrew Photo Exhibit

Holt Renfrew often disappoints me, (not sending me the fall collections book when I’ve been a loyal customer and card-holder for a few years shy of a decade, having sub par nail polish colours in their spa, and the too heavily over-looked collections as well as a series lack of exclusive and limited edition goods) but this photo exhibit is finally right on point.

Toronto photo blogger and style enthusiast Tommy Ton has teamed up with Holt’s for little art project and contests of sorts. It’s mostly a sales ploy than anything else but the reward, to win one of 12 signed photos, would be worth buying a pair of shoes from the Fall collections to be entered in the contest.

Although I’d much rather have a chance to sit down with Ton for a coffee and swap style pet-peeves, I’m buying into this one Holt’s, you got me.

Take a look at a some of the shots below as well as they flyer, and hey, if you’re looking to kill a few dollars and hours, go to Holt’s on Bloor Street to see the exhibit yourself and enter the contest.