Tokyo Smoke and Partisans, the architecture and design firm, have joined forces to reimagine the classic cannabis pipe.

The smaller, pocket-sized Crater Pipe, which sees linear details that resemble the surface of the moon, is available in a black ceramic and brushed stainless steel finish. The larger Io Water Pipe, named after one of the innermost moons of Jupiter, is available in a black glazed ceramic and stainless steel. Both models were created using 3D printers.

Alan Gertner, co-founder and CEO of Tokyo Smoke, said in a statement:

“I’ve had the true pleasure of watching Partisans and Alex Josephson change the world through visionary design, and the chance to collaborate was a dream. Creating these unique products in partnership with Partisans affirms our mission to offer customers artful and stylish experiences, and demonstrates how Tokyo Smoke is making its mark on the evolving cannabis industry.”

Both models are available now at Tokyo Smoke retail locations and online at Prices range from $175 for the Crater Pipe to $13,000 for the stainless steel version of the Io Water Pipe, pictured below.