The xx “Islands” Official Video

It is remarkable what a couple months of constant touring will do for you as a band. Last night Sidewalk Hustle attended the highly anticipated Hot Chip concert at the Kool Haus, in Toronto with the xx playing the role as opening act. We had the privilege of seeing the xx perform before Christmas, and you could tell that these young kids from London were still getting their bearings when it came to performing in front of people. Now fast-forward to about 6 months later and the very same kids are back rocking out and warming up a sold out venue. Sure many people say the xx lack a stage presence, but when you are a three-piece progressive- R&B- group who play mellow ish music it is kind of hard to “rock the fuck out.” Anyway that is my two-cents on that, but keeping with the general theme of continuous growth, check out the brand new video for the xx’s “Islands” off their self-titled debut album, which features the most activity to-date in one of their videos.


[onsmash dvMSTJTu9zkHsprs]