The 2021 report from Ethisphere, the global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices, includes 135 companies representing 22 countries and 47 industries. Companies on the list are being recognized for ethical efforts they’ve done to enhance the success of the business, its corporate profile, and trust.

Now in its 15th installment, the list includes nine new companies, while six companies have continued to make the cut since 2007, including Ecolab, which is the leader in water, hygiene, and infection prevention solutions and services. Ecolab’s annual sales are $12 billion, proving you can churn profit and maintain core ethics standards in the process.

The Ethisphere 2021 Ethics Index “outperformed a comparable index of large cap companies by 7.1 percentage points over the last five calendar years,” according to the report.

A honorary virtual gala dinner to celebrate the achievements will be held on April 20, 2021.

“While addressing the tough challenges of 2020, we saw companies lead – above all other institutions – on earning trust of stakeholders through resilience and a commitment to ethics and integrity,” said Ethisphere CEO Timothy Erblich.

How companies are measured

The assessment includes over 200 data points on culture, entertainment, social practices, ethics and compliance activities, governance, diversity, and initiatives to support a strong value chain, the report states.

This year, applicants were also asked to explain how they are “adapting and responding” to the pandemic, as well as “environmental, social, and governance factors, safety, equity,” among other factors.

Here are some of the companies that made the list:


Country: France

Category: Health & Beauty

Employee #: 88,000


Country: United Kingdom

Category: Health & Beauty

Employee #: 40,000

PepsiCo, Inc.

Country: United States

Category: Food, Beverage & Agriculture

Employee #: 283,000

Covenant House

Country: Canada

Category: Healthcare Providers

Employee #: 10, 763


Country: United States

Category: Imagine Technology

Employee #: 8,532


Country: United States

Category: Technology

Employee #: 16,000


Country: United States

Category: Technology

Employee #: 166,475


Country: Italy

Category: Food, Beverage & Agriculture

Employee #: 1,405

Grupo Bimbo

Country: Mexico

Category: Food, Beverage & Agriculture

Employee #: 135,000


Country: United States

Category: Automotive

Employee #: 155,000


Country: United States

Category: Information Technology Services

Employee #: 180,000


Country: United States

Category: Food, Beverage & Agriculture

Employee #: 34,000


Country: Ireland

Category: Automotive

Employee #: 160,000


Country: United States

Category: Retail

Employee #: 122,000


Country: Thailand

Category: Real Estate

Employee #: 860


Country: United States

Category: Real Estate

Employee #: 100,000

Royal Caribbean Group

Country: United States

Category: Leisure & Recreation

Employee #: 85,000


Country: Japan

Category: Conglomerate

Employee #: 111,700


Country: Finland

Category: Telecom

Employee #: 98,000


Country: Canada

Category: Banks

Employee #: 43, 360

Hanes Brands, Inc.

Country: United States

Category: Apparel

Employee #: 63,000

The full list can be viewed here.