Toronto’s own prodigal son, singer/songwriter The Weeknd and his XO imprint are back with their latest installment of their Spring/Summer 2016 fan merchandise. Staying within the realm of simple yet bold pieces, primarily centring around the sportswear and athleisure in a two-tone, black-and-white-themed affair. Featuring unisex tank tops, crop tops, baseball jerseys, hats and even a beach towels, all items include the artist’s slogan “XO’TWOD,” which stands for “XO ‘Til We Overdose,” and of course the simple “XO”.

Take a look through the collection below and shop it over at The Weeknd’s website.

the-weeknd-xo-fan-merch-ss-16-1 the-weeknd-xo-fan-merch-ss-16-2 the-weeknd-xo-fan-merch-ss-16-3 the-weeknd-xo-fan-merch-ss-16-4 the-weeknd-xo-fan-merch-ss-16-5 the-weeknd-xo-fan-merch-ss-16-6 the-weeknd-xo-fan-merch-ss-16-7 the-weeknd-xo-fan-merch-ss-16-8 the-weeknd-xo-fan-merch-ss-16-9 the-weeknd-xo-fan-merch-ss-16-10 the-weeknd-xo-fan-merch-ss-16-11 the-weeknd-xo-fan-merch-ss-16-13