20 years ago on this day, a little girl group from the UK released their single “Wannabe,” and from then on went on to become undoubtedly the most iconic music group to emerge from the 90s. Seriously, the cultural impact of the Spice Girls is everlasting – we bet you even spotted at least one Scary Spice costume on Halloween last year.

Rumors of the Spice Girls reuniting one last time have been murmured in the pop community over the past few months, and today Geri, Emma, and Mel B (that’s Ginger, Baby, and Scary) have posted up an extremely budget, phone-quality edited video thanking their devoted fans for upholding the legacy of “Wannabe” for the past 20 years. But the end of the video tells fans soon what they “really really want.” Despite the dodgy quality of the video, the sentiment is personal and very sweet, and we’d be lying if we didn’t say we whipped out our credit card at the mere thought of a Spice Girls reunion.

Watch 3/5ths of the Spice Girls celebrate 20 years of “Wannabe” above!