The Sidewalk Hustle Guide to SXSW 2013

SXSW Preview
SXSW’s music festival is nearly upon us and we are all kinds of excited! From the babes in bands to the BBQs here’s a list of  highlights we’re counting down to…tomorrow!

New acts worth the long wait in line..

Cannot get enough of this LA sisterly love. Their video for “Falling” makes us want to running wild and dance around a campfire. Any one care to join us? We’re also growing out are hair and sorting out new middle parts.
Pronounced “Churches” because the letter V is the new U. Addictive and dark synth pop trio from Glasgow, fronted by electro nymph Lauren Mayberry.
Norwegian indie baroque loveliness with talent and a great Tame Impala cover. Their music video for “Fog Of War” has up hypnotized and intrigued.
18 year-old Brooklyn kid. New era ish. Many a mixtape to his name. Fresh rhymes, fresh face, old school vibes. And yes. He’s a bad a$$.

Rooftop Tings

Body High & We Did It: Honestly, we’re down for any party that takes place on a roof. Send us all your invites.

Daytime Showcases/Publication Parties 

Fader Fort: Pretty sure the RSVPs for this one sold out in less than a day, due to Fader’s rep for knowing how to throw a shindig. With acts like Sky Ferreira, DIIV and Disclosure on the bill, there’s no doubt that this year’s Fort will be a good time.

Viceland: Snoop Lion. Kendrick Lamar. Ghostface. Need we say more?

Pitchfork: So much Canada talent billed including Blue Hawaii Azari & III, Mac DeMarco, White Lung, Ryan Hemsworth and Doldrums. Perhaps a flash of our Canadian passport will bump us into VIP status. An 8.0 rating at least.

Night time jam we’re already planning our outfit for…

Ray-Ban/Boiler Room: What started off as a bunch of friends playing music in a small room has turned into the biggest underground show online. You’ll have to tune in and try to spot us. Here’s a set with Skream going back to back with Disclosure at the W Hotel in London. We’re gonna try and top this.
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