In collaboration with People of Crypto Lab (POC), The Sandbox will launch a diversity and inclusion centre in the metaverse. Starting in June, “The Center for Belonging” will include an avatar collection, a social and education hub, exhibits, and gamified entertainment. The avatar collection includes 57 skin shades which represent all types of humans, considering ethnicity and accessibility in each design.

“As someone who had to hide behind my real identity, I am eager for the metaverse to allow marginalized communities to have a safe space to express their true selves and feel represented,” said Akbar Hamid, co-founder of People of Crypto Innovation Lab, in a press release.

“Our deep understanding of culture and the consumer to Web 3.0 journey is our power. I am excited to be able to bring Web 3.0, metaverse and NFTs to the LGBTQIA+ community,” said Akbar Hamid, co-founder of People of Crypto Innovation Lab, also in the press release.

POC says it will reinvest 50% of NFT sales back into the community. The lab will develop IP, brands, games, multimedia content, and NFT projects.

“I firmly believe that web3 can only scale if diversity and inclusion are rooted in the foundation of what is being built. Black, brown women, people of color, and LGBTQIA+ have combined spending power and unprecedented cultural influence that dwarfs the influence of any other community.  Culture drives commerce, which is why we need to actively educate and onboard these communities in order to ensure an equitable, profitable future for web3,” said Simone Berry, co-founder of People of Crypto Innovation Lab.

On June 19, POC and The Sandbox will host the first Pride event in the metaverse, and come September, POC will “expand its game IP to other metaverse lands,” according to the timeline provided.

Partners with POC include Polygon, Ledger, Web3 Equity, Flow, and Hermit Crab Game Studio.

We’ll keep you updated as more developments come to life.