After a long Canadian winter, there’s nothing more reinvigorating than that gradual shift into spring. The days are longer, it’s warmer outside and there’s no more snow (or so we hope). With this changing of the season the ability to get out and explore is almost essential. While keeping in mind all the Covid safety protocols and being aware of regional safeguards, there is nothing more refreshing than a change of scenery and getting back to nature.

To help us get on the road back out into nature we partnered with our friends at Mazda for a day trip away from the city packed up and headed out for the day in the all-new Mazda CX-5.

We plugged our destination into Mazda’s fully integrated Apple CarPlay system and headed out of Toronto towards the picturesque Sherman Falls – a beautiful 17-metre-high cascading waterfall that’s a comfortable hour-long drive West of the city. While the destination was the goal, the drive was equal parts calming and fun with the sun shining and Mazda’s ‘The Journey is Your Destination” Spotify playlist pumping through the Bose speaker system.

Being out of the city and heading into nature always has a calming effect on us and with a hot coffee in our thermos’ and we started to forget all our cares as we neared closer to nature. The anticipation of reconnecting with nature can be as uplifting for the spirit as arriving at the destination.

According to Nicole Porter, Stress Coach and Wellness Educator “being in nature is like putting your foot on the brake, and when it comes to our health, our bodies are relying on us to slow down more often.” Letting the stressors of city life slip away, we pulled up at Sherman Falls, rolled down the windows and let the calming sounds of nature wash over us. Situated near Dundas Ontario on the iconic Bruce Trail, we parked the CX-5 a few minutes away and ventured down the trail to get a closer look at the falls.

With the sun shining on us, the leaves rustling under our feet, and vibrant green moss just starting to peek through, we hiked around the area for longer than intended, standing in awe of the breathtaking falls as the stress washed away with the current.


It’s hard to convince yourself to leave when you find a sense of inner peace and calm, especially when these breaks from reality are so few. While reluctant to leave, we were happy to get back inside the CX-5 since temperatures are still quite chilly, especially in the shade! We fired up the heated seats and steering wheel, got the tunes pumping and zoomed back to the city with comfort and ease in the CX-5.