The BMW i3 is not only the most affordable emissions-free vehicle it’s also the world’s most silent. To emphasize the vehicles balance of high performance and quiet luxury, BMW took the i3 on a field trip  in their latest video campaign to the perfect place, where even the most hushed voices are heard.

Opting for a different kind of track, the clever video demonstrates the i3’s agile capabilities as it tears up long corridors and common spaces of the grand historic BME library in Budapest, going totally unnoticed by patrons.

Packed inside this highly sustainable electric car you’ll find everything you’d expect in a BMW, minus the noise under the hood. It also features an innovative one pedal system which allows you to brake by simply lifting your foot off the accelerator, enabling the recovery of the cars kinetic energy to charge the battery and extend driving range.

Check out some photos of the BMW i3 in Budapest below and push play above to experience it in action. For more information on the BMW i3, click here.

This post was sponsored by BMW Canada.