The Perfect Gift For Those Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

The dawn of a new year is usually a time of giving gifts and celebrating. We tend to give others what we imagine they will enjoy. Something that will give them at least a moment of pleasure.

But 2020 has been a year unlike any other. Now, going into 2021, the gifts we give people, whether for holidays, anniversaries, or birthdays, need to be different.

2020 has caused us all to rethink many of the things we take for granted. Canadians around the country have recognized that there is no other time than now, and have even committed to making changes that would otherwise have remained mere dreams. One of the common themes that have come up in light of the pandemic is health.

Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

Health is one of those vague categories of New Year resolutions that gets thrown about every single year. However, over the past year we have seen just how important healthy living is. COVID-19 has been particularly severe for people with comorbidities, including those that can be avoided through lifestyle changes, like obesity, smoking-related respiratory issues, and poorly managed diabetes.

For this reason, you should be extra careful when giving gifts going into the new year. Just think about how receiving a box of chocolates can sabotage a diet you have started in the past few days. On the other hand, by giving a gift that makes it easier to stay healthy, you are providing something of real, lasting value.

Healthy gift-giving

It is important to start with a caveat. Buying a gym subscription for someone who has shown no interest in working out can be taken as incredibly insulting! Any gift that promotes a healthy lifestyle change should come within a context. So, if someone has told you that they are looking for a sustainable workout plan that is suited for them, paying for some personal training sessions will be taken from whence it came.

When it comes to nutrition, you’ll have fewer landmines to avoid. Many people are unhappy with their eating habits, even if they are not worried about their health. While we all wish we could eat home-cooked meals every night, it is just not practical.

A gift of a food subscription box is useful for anyone regardless of how happy they are with their diet. It is something that is thoughtful and that will not derail any resolutions they have made to improve their lifestyles.

The pandemic has shown just how important healthy eating is, and food subscription services really make it so much easier. Evidence is only mounting that good nutrition can literally save lives.

Obesity and health crises

Obesity is one of those words that is, unfortunately, used out of context far too often. While it has a very quantifiable meaning, it is regularly used as a vague descriptor of extreme weight issues. The reality is that obesity is relatively common.

Certain estimates count one in three Canadians as having clinical obesity. That being said, the majority would not consider themselves as obese because of the associations tied to the word. So when we read reports of the health risks of obesity, many of us assume that would never apply to us.

The reality is that, because obesity is so common, everyone needs to maintain a healthy diet to prevent it. Obesity leads to a large number of severe health issues.

  • Obesity is a leading cause of type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a chronic health condition affecting the way the body produces glucose. It needs to be monitored daily, and without proper management can lead to severe illness and death.
  • Obesity causes high blood pressure and spikes in cholesterol, both of which lead to heart disease. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of premature death in Canada.
  • Obesity also leads to liver abnormalities which impact the way your body processes many foods and drinks, leading to disease and death.
  • Obesity is one of the comorbidities linked to a higher rate of complications in people with COVID-19, including otherwise-healthy young people.

The best approach to treating obesity is a healthy diet along with exercise. Good nutrition does not mean less food. On the contrary, eating healthy meals three times a day is a far better way to lose weight and become healthier than eating less.

In this context, a food subscription service can make a huge difference to an individual’s health. As such, it makes a perfect gift.

Meal Kits in Canada

What exactly is a meal kit subscription service?

A meal kit is a box of ingredients that are delivered to you, ready to be cooked. All ingredients are chopped and prepared, and come with a simple recipe that anyone can follow. It can take fifteen to thirty minutes to make the meal with very little active work.

Some of the best boxes are designed specifically according to certain diets. They take the latest nutritional research into account in creating healthy, balanced meals. Instead of you having to do all the work on finding the right meals and ingredients to stay healthy, the service does it for you.

This is why it is such a great gift for a new year. It is a surefire way to stick to a New Year’s resolution that would easily fall by the wayside.

There are some excellent Canadian companies providing a range of different options. So, if you have vegan friends, you can order vegan food kits. If your friends don’t eat gluten, you can get gluten-free food kits.

The top 3 meal kit companies in Canada – Chefs Plate, HelloFresh, and GoodFood – have each developed a range of subscription boxes in line with current health guidance. They include all the necessary components of a balanced meal, such as carbs, proteins, and more.

They also come at varying price points, but won’t set you back much more than $10 a serving. Considering the time it saves you, along with the health benefits, this is quite the deal.

If you want to see which services you can gift to your friends, take a look at this meal kit delivery map. You should be able to find the big 3 just about anywhere, although there are companies that provide special services for regions like Quebec.

2021 is going to be a pivotal year in many of our lives. This is particularly true from a health perspective, as we try to learn lessons from the year that has been. Gift-giving needs to change with the times.

As long as you are sensitive and transparent with your gifts, there is nothing wrong with helping your friends along their health journey. While doing so, make sure to take care of your own health needs as well. Proper nutrition is more important than ever, and in our busy lives, a little help goes a long way.

Enter 2021 the right way, with resolutions that you can actually maintain. Hopefully, it will be a much better year than the last.