The National “Graceless” Music Video


The National has released a video for their Trouble Will Find Me track “Graceless” which follows the band through a beer-fuelded day of fun horsing around in a pool, slipping and sliding down a hill, shotgunning beers, shooting things with a potato gun, and jumping around in a bouncy castle, all while wearing suits.

Directed by Sophia Peer at lead vocalists Matt Berninger’s parents house in Cincinnati, Ohio, Berninger told Rolling Stone, “[I was] riding a bike into a swimming pool and my face hit the water hard all three times… I had glasses on, I had bruises around my eyes where the glasses hit. It was the most brutal video we’ve ever done. It was really fun, but it cost us. No one died, though.”

Like almost every The National do, we love the more and more with each release, each video, and each track, and this video is no exception. Watch below.