The Most Eye-catching Mobile Gaming Trends

More people are gaming via mobile than ever. As smartphones have developed alongside online technology to offer players the best in graphics and sounds, the potential for gaming has increased immeasurably.

Game production houses are setting new trends as they adapt to the rapid advances of mobile tech. They are also reacting to moves from industry leaders to offer even more from their titles. But what are the biggest current trends of the moment?

Cloud Gaming

Mobile gaming now accounts for over 51% of the global revenue in the gaming industry. As mobile developments continue apace, this is a share of the market that is sure to increase.

Making full use of the cloud is a big part of this move toward mobile gaming. Players can use the cloud to ensure they are playing the latest version of their favorite game by logging on to a remote server. Gone are the days of lengthy updates to the software, as the information is all held remotely on the cloud.

Players also benefit from the fact they will not have to worry about getting hold of the best hardware. So long as they have a device with a fast internet connection, they will be able to enjoy the game as it was meant to be played.

Cloud gaming makes keeping up with the latest games fast, affordable and convenient. In this way, it puts the player firmly in control.

Mobile Gambling

More traditional styles of games often associated with physical venues have also benefitted from the rise of mobile gaming.

These online casino games offer a sure sign of how well the industry has developed. Online casinos are attracting more and more players via mobile than ever. On the evidence of this collection, it is easy to see why.

Brilliantly fun, and offering the player a secure and easy to use service of colorful and exciting games, the portal is sure to keep even expert gamers occupied.

As the tech involved in mobile casino play continues to improve the trend is set to continue. In addition to this, legal rules and regulations regarding online gambling and casino are changing across the States rapidly.

Developers will keep a keen eye to make the most of any legal rulings that could affect the industry.

Cross-Platform Play

Mobile gaming is often an important part of cross-platform play. It’s a fact that most of us have a variety of platforms and devices. Tablets, laptops, consoles, and computers all compete for our time. But the genius of cross-platform gameplay is that certain games can be accessed across various platforms.

This has the potential to completely change how games are played. Let’s say a gamer put in an hour or two at home on the desktop or console, but wanted to continue their progress remotely.

In the old days this would not have been possible. But with mobile tech able to access the data necessary to play on, it is now convenient and easy to do so. The player could save their game on one device and then play on a different one with all data intact.

Cross-platform play could also mean that players playing via different devices can all enjoy a shared game no matter what the hardware is.

This is a huge development that opens up mobile gaming in a similar way to how online developments changed the industry two decades earlier.

Hyper Casual Games

Hyper casual games are a major part of the gaming market. The quick and easy to play games are often associated with mobile phones and devices.

Worth well over $2 billion, the massive rise in the sub-genre has seen games like Helix Jump, Rise Up and Fun Race 3D score massive hits resulting in millions of app downloads.

Key to the popularity of the hyper casual gaming market is that in the past many of those playing would not have considered themselves gamers.

The gaming world has changed so much that the market now appeals to people across the board. The gaming industry now takes in everyone, regardless of whether they have any prior gaming knowledge or experience.

This trend looks set to continue as more people seek out quick and fun diversions at little or no cost.

Advertising in Mobile Gaming

Closely linked to the fact that over a third of the world’s population are gamers, is that mobile games make a lot of money.

Key to this idea is in-game advertising. Often seen in the hyper-casual games that we have just had a look at, advertising is a key part of the picture.

In game-ads can offer a player a reward for watching.

For example, an ad might interrupt the gameplay and the player would then sit through the whole short advert to gain a reward.

This style of monetization is popular as everyone stands to get something out of it. Players get new content, developers raise some more revenue, and advertisers have an extensive audience to tap into.

In game-advertising is one of the more noticeable developments to casual gamers. It is also one of the most successful and effective trends within the mobile gaming industry.