Live Music: The Morning Benders open for Broken Bells in Toronto

By now you surely know and love The Morning Benders and last night at the oddest venue in Toronto, The Queen Elizabeth Theatre, we sat (yes, you heard right) through their amazing set opening for Broken Bells.

Set-up slightly like a movie theatre, the venue was a little bizarre for a mellow rock show, but the Berkeley psyche geeks managed to play their hearts out despite the rather unappreciative crowd.  We wanted to get up and dance around like mad, but the polite clapping from the commuter heavy crowd prevented us from doing so.

As they have yet to release a proper video of any of the tracks on their newest album Big Echo, in the mean time, check out this video for “Waiting For A War” from their first album Talking Through Tin Cans.

Oh yeah, Broken Bells weren’t bad either.