Travel guide experts, and perhaps one of our favourite sources for travel Monocle, is back at it with another somewhat unexpected destination for the latest addition to The Monocle Travel Guide Series: Vienna. Tapping into the long and illustrious history, Vienna is a city that bridges Eastern and Western Europe with panache. It has long been the melting pot of Europe. From Baroque palaces to modern architecture, horse-drawn carriages to running routes along the Danube, Monocle offers a glimpse into the 23 diverse districts that make up the City of Music.

Head off the beaten path with the fully illustrated, 148-page hardback book as your guide. Trust us, Monocle will lead you to places worth going. The Monocle Travel Guide: Vienna will be available next month from Gestalten for $15 USD. In the meantime get that travel bug itching by pressing play above.