A Canadian first, Toronto will soon join the coveted ranks of Michelin-vetted culinary scenes. This fall, a selection of Toronto’s restaurants will “make the cut” and receive one to three Michelin stars. Toronto is now one of six locations in North America to receive honorary designations.

Inspectors have already started to review various places, which will continue over the next few months. These inspectors do their work in secret so that their experience is treated like that of any customer visiting the restaurant, according to Michelin North America.

Michelin Guides are published by the French company Michelin. Each year the guide grants Michelin stars to top grade excellence.

“This is an exciting moment for our city as Toronto will become the first Michelin Guide destination in Canada. This further bolsters our reputation as a world destination for food and cuisine,” said Mayor John Tory, in a news release. “Our diverse city along with the many renowned chefs who call Toronto home have helped us get to this point and to be able to showcase all of the wonderful restaurants.”

Inspectors critique based on the quality of the products, mastery of flavours and cooking techniques, the personality of the chef in the cuisine, and consistency between inspectors’ visits.