Decentraland, the blockchain-based virtual world powered by the Ethereum blockchain, will host a four-day event from October 21 to 24 which features over 80 artists. The Metaverse Festival will host talent such as Aluna (of AlunaGeorge), Deadmau5, 3LAU, Flume, RAC, Crooked Colours, Paris Hilton, and Nina Nesbitt, with sponsors like Playboy, Heineken, and Rarible participating in the free event. Fans can expect VIP areas, a fun fair (including a rollercoaster, Ferris wheel, and pirate ship rides), a human cannonball machine, a psychedelic sculpture garden, and a merch store for NFT wearables.

The main stage will change each day, starting with ‘Water’ on the first day, moving to ‘Earth’ on the second day, followed by ‘Space’ on Day 3, and then finally, the ‘Metaverse’ on the last day.

A Paris Hilton avatar, created by avatar tech company Genies, will be presented. This is the first time Genies has collaborated with Decentraland.

“The Metaverse Festival is really the culmination of the long-standing support of music, artists, and live performance in Decentraland,” said Sam Hamilton, head of community and events at the Decentraland Foundation, a non-profit organization. “It’s a celebration of music and culture in the virtual social world, but also a recognition that the metaverse has arrived as a viable, irresistible, and profitable space for creative people, whatever their medium or background.”

This free-to-enter festival will showcase decentralized blockchain technology.

Here’s how things will look:

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