Fall has officially arrived and if there’s one thing we can all count on, it’s more beard sightings, on the men of the world that is. There’s nothing like cold weather and bundling up to inspire dudes to add a little facial hair to the mix with a beard, moustache or even a goatee.

Having a firm grasp of grooming already, we here at Sidewalk Hustle thought it would be interesting to discuss the he said she said around facial hair, because we all know there’s lots of talk about it! So let’s dig into the nitty gritty of facial hair from the perspective of both guys and gals.

Growing a beard is seemingly the easiest thing a man can do, you just let it happen, but on the other hand, some women might perceive a man who is trying to grow a beard as unkempt or even lazy (sorry dudes!).

He said, “I’m thinking about growing a beard”
She said “Yuck , why!?”

But don’t hate ladies, because it’s actually a lot of work to make beard, moustache or even goatee look and feel just right. From constant trimming to make sure the overall body and volume is consistent and maintained, something we use the Philips BeardTrimmer 9000 for, to actually shaving with a razor to clean up nonlinear hair growth. This is probably why, when Philips surveyed men across Canada, 48% of men preferred to go clean-shaven.

He said, “I’m gonna shave my beard off.“
She said, “Yay! Finally your face will be kissable again!”

If you’re afraid of commitment then it’s probably best not to attempt growing your facial hair, however, we know a lot of chick’s that dig guys with a little distinguishing scruff. Maybe start slow with a moustache?! Especially since Movember is just around the corner and at the very least you’ll have a conversation starter right there on your face!

Interestingly enough, 37% of men prefer the trimmed facial hair look, let’s assume this means a beard of some sort that’s properly kept. It would appear that once we decide on growing a beard we are totally willing to commit to making it look good, and that’s something any lady will respect. Because you know what’s always in style, confidence.

She said: “I think I’m starting to like your beard, what’s that oil you’re using?!”
He said: “Excellent” and strokes his freshly trimmed beard.

The consensus seems to be that most guys are divided on the great facial hair debate, and while it remains clear most ladies favour and are conditioned to prefer that clean-shaven look, they’re okay with their guys being a little rough around the edges.

Whether you grow a beard or remain clean-shaven, stay fresh, keep it groomed, and own your look.